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Belanda Consulting offers business & marketing services to SMEs, professional service providers & entrepreneurs helping you from idea to market in terms of generating clicks, contacts & clients, delivering value and an excellent customer experience.

Our support is
strategic, tied into your own business vision and plan, as well as tactical with
practical hands-on support for implementing improvements.

Everyone needs advice and support at any stage of starting or growing a business: from strategic review to business planning, from cashflow forecasting to marketing campaigns, from web site creation to social media, and from market research to evaluation of impact and ROI.

What's the right solution for me?

business solutions outline below helps you to choose the right kind of support for your needs. We work individually with business owner/managers, their teams or across the whole company, combining consultancy, training and mentoring in a way that suits you best and achieves the results you want.

As an entrepreneur and business developer, investing in yourself as well as your business is a key driver of success.

iSuccess open again in 2018!

We're opening up our new iSuccess Business Academy in the Spring with a free access membership. So now's the time to get on our early bird list so you don't miss any updates. Just enter your details in the pop up box under iSuccess updates.

With the imminent launch of Jay's ground breaking
book 'The Educational Entrepreneur', it's doubly exciting to get your complimentary fast track e-learning module to help you achieve a breakthrough year!

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Training and mentoring can help you to gain the knowledge and insights, as well as overcome the typical obstacles people face when building and growing a business. Our business development programmes are aimed at fixing a specific problem or need, for instance improving marketing & sales processes and generating more enquiries or converting more sales.

evaluation services can help surface what the exact problems are in the first instance, through business review (internal) or market research (external).

SME Business Growth Development programme

Combines business planning, marketing & mentoring with solutions, development & implementation.

Download our flyer for full details

Business Impact Mentoring programme

Combines evaluation, coaching & mentoring with solutions, development & implementation support.

Download a programme booklet

New Business Start-ups

Combines business & cashflow planning with support for a loan application, mentoring and website development

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To complement both individual and company development programmes, using our web services is a good way to fast track your marketing blueprint. We design a clear, structured marketing map based on your specific business, goals, skills and so forth, which you can work with us to implement (done-with-you) or have us set everything up for you (done-for-you).


Our current programmes are below, click the links to get more explanation of how we can help you achieve the results you want.

Training & Mentoring
(business owner/managers)
Advice & Implementation
(SME level support)

iSuccess Business Academy

Business Impact Booster

Business Mentoring

Business Evaluation

Business Development

Business Growth Intensive

There are other considerations in starting and running a business, including business loans, protection, quality standards, relocation. In many cases, we can also help you with eligibility, contacts, bid writing or quality check on applications.


Business Solutions - finding the right fit

Support from an experienced business adviser/mentor can offer structure, guidance & accountability for your business and financial planning, whether for startups, growth or innovation. This can also be a great way to consider the value of tailored business solutions, such as evaluation, marketing support, funding or training.

  • Start your own business

    If you're just starting out and looking for independent business planning support, access to funding, or business mentoring.

  • Business evaluation

    Are you an existing small business or lone trader looking to expand? Our comprehensive health check review and evaluation packages assist businesses to improve efficiencies, expand and innovate.
  • Business training

    Are you just starting out with a service-based career or freelance business or wanting to gain momentum or scale things up? Professional development and business mentoring is a proven a way to help structure your thinking, become more strategic and fast-track your success.
  • Business mentoring

    Just taking time 'out' of your business to reflect on where you're at and where you want to be, in both personal and financial aspects, can make the difference between staying stuck or taking action, standing still or moving forward.
  • Web marketing services

    Do you or your organisation need to develop an effective marketing campaign and implementation plan? Do you need an online presence? We work closely with you to understand and define your niche brand identity, research your target audiences/customers and to link this with your business vision and plan.
  • Free resources 

    Everyone likes free, right? These tools and techniques should help you get your strategy a little more focused and give you some ideas for what to do next.

New Business START-UPS

If you're thinking of starting up a business, or you've recently launched your business, we can help you to move from vision to market, walking with you through the basics of starting a sole-trader business and researching your ideas.

We support you to turn your expertise into a product or service, and to develop a robust business plan and cash flow forecast. We also have experience with government schemes for funding, training & mentoring you may wish to acquire, at any time during your first 12 months in business.

What to do next?

Follow our 10-point implementation plan

1. Identify your core concept - something you are passionate about, good at and people want/will pay for
2. Get advice & funding - government scheme loans & business mentoring (just ask me - see below)
3. Research your market - check your idea has business legs and can be financially viable
4. Develop and plan - focus on your key purpose, audience & unique value/selling proposition
5. Find partners, suppliers & premises (or work from home!)
6. Create a cashflow forecast based on realistic targets for sales/customers/clients
7. Develop a robust marketing plan that brings your ideal customers to you consistently so you can reach your targets
8. Start your business - work with a coach or mentor for accountability
9. Network with your target client base - use attraction marketing to bring customers to you.
10. Rest and recharge at least one day a week!

Identify what funding is required

If you intend to start a business, you're going to need some start up capital. Even if you do not require premises, equipment, staff etc, you should bear in mind that setting your stall out will require you to pay out for IT/telephone, travel, marketing materials, and probably books, courses, events, online tools and so forth.

When people try to cut corners and to do everything on a shoestring or not to invest in yourself as well as your business. The budget does not need to be big, but you do need to be realistic.

Also you should keep receipts for everything you purchase for business purposes. You can legitimately offset a wide range of expenses against tax of any earnings, including if you are still in employment or the business is set up as a partnership and your spouse pays tax.

There are various loan schemes available, both regional and national, where you can apply for £1000 to £25,000 or higher, to support to new businesses (0-12 months). Many of these have quite fast approval turnaround, so your funds can be available and you're not waiting around to start trading.

We work with ibd Transmit Loans, as a delivery partner for the government's Start Up Loan scheme. Applicants can first register their interest at If you would like to ensure you get my specific support through the application process, where it asks you to add the name of the business adviser in the final question, please add Jay Allyson Dempster so you are linked up with me.

We provide assistance with writing the business plan & cashflow forecasting you will need to get approved, we know the pitfalls and what the loan companies want to know exactly. This helps you immensely to collate & organise the required paperwork, liaise with the loan company on your behalf, which means you have a greater chance of getting your funding application approved in a timely manner.

Find a start up mentor to help you implement your plan

One of the biggest challenges for new business owners is one of implementing all the ideas you may have bubbling up every day. You are your own boss, which is both a plus and a minus!

Mastering mindset is a key trait of successful entrepreneurs who are able to focus, project manage and hold themselves accountability to their vision and plan.

However much experience you have, you can benefit from a business mentor. Entrepreneurs who work with a mentor or coach are much more likely to see success and see it sooner than those that don't. Fact.

View our Business Mentoring Plans

A business mentor is part adviser/consultant, giving you access to their experti
se in business planning, legal, financial & professional development areas. A good mentor will also help you to help yourself, identifying what other resources and people you should seek out and will provide a sound board, accountability and a 'critical friend'.

If you want to fast-track to success, investing in yourself with a business mentor is crucial.

Click here to apply for a complimentary strategy session with Jay


Are you are a small business owner, freelance consultant or online marketer, just starting out with a new business or looking to grow your client base, leverage and scale things up? 

We offer a range of consultations, diagnostic reviews and evaluation to establish your exact needs and work very closely with you to identify impactful insights and solutions - just the ticket to fast track your success.

By reflecting in a structured way on what's working well and not so well, for instance in terms of where current revenue is coming from and what customers like most about you, you start to ask yourself some critical questions around your goals.

We offer various resources and support programmes to suit where you are in your business journey.
  • A complimentary Business Strategy Session is the first step to looking at how we might best work together from diagnostic review to business mentoring and/or practical implementation support to help you move forward.

  • Our free THRIVE survey is specifically designed for business owners as a self-evaluation tool to help you review the most profitable areas of an existing business and consider possible new markets for business growth.
  • A Health Check visit may be your preferred way of discussing your current strategy and operation to diagnose and provide solutions, in areas such as increasing cash flow, efficiency, workforce development.

  • Our fully flexible Business Evaluation packages are designed to help you with regard to how you market and deliver your services and products, using our proprietary iSuccess framework.

NEW - iSuccess - educational entrepreneurship at its best!

Based on Jay's proprietary system, iSuccess helps you as a new or existing small business or solo professional to clarify, strengthen & streamline your client attraction marketing processes: uplevelling your business model, refocusing your target market & brand and leveraging your time, so you can achieve a higher level of business growth & success.

isuccess banner graphic

Getting started with iSuccess means you have a structured yet flexible programme of insights, advice & training and implementation support with the option of one-to-one private coaching & mentoring.

The programme suits both new and established service-orientated businesses - consultants, mentors, coaches, therapists and other 'practices', as well as retailer as providers of specialist expertise.

It's a 10 module programme separated into two levels depending on where you are in the process of starting, refining or growing your business. The iSuccess approach is to work through a step-by-step system that we use with our own VIP clients to understand how engaging and winning new customers works in today's social and global environment so you can improve your own strategy and implement tactics that grow your client base.

We move you through guidance and exercises for aligning with your own vision and purpose for your business, identifying a profitable niche and finding the best clients to work with. We cover targeting and positioning your expertise, branding and pricing strategies, through to systematising and scaling up your lead generation and follow up processes.

Working through online tutorials, webinar style, checklists & templates for getting things done, you also have the option of direct support from Jay, you will be empowered to apply what you are learning as you design and improve your marketing strategy to define, brand, promote and grow a purposeful and profitable enterprise.

The programme is based on powerful, enlightening trainings and inspiring mentoring, alongside get-it-done tasks and Q&A support. Participants get the opportunity to dive deep into identifying their best high growth niches, clarifying and reinvigorating their professional identity & branding, getting insightful, proven marketing strategies as well as practical guidance on best tools to put together for streamlining your marketing processes.


iSuccess proprietary programme business start up and growth by Jay Allyson Dempster


What we cover:

Benefits to you:

Results in:




Clarifying your vision & ideal clients/customers


Get crystal clear on your objectives for your business in terms of who you are helping and what expertise you are utilising to do so

A focused target market, more effective marketing & networking, more efficient use of your time

Setting out your brand & marketing system

Build a clear marketing strategy that establishes your main niche, key messages and offer, and systematises /automates your marketing & prospecting processes.

A clear DMO, more efficient use of time & effort prospecting the right clients.

Attracting more clients/customers whilst increasing your prices

Create a greater sense of value and scarcity of your time, product or service so you can charge what you're worth.

More value placed on your personal time to work with high end paying clients

Growing your business in a sustainable way
Automate and outsource parts of the business you don't need to do personally in order to support more clients in shorter time frames
More capacity to expand into new markets and do other fun developments!


Jay's approach to business support lies in combining professional coaching, business strategy, evaluation, networking and communication. This in turn helps you, as a business owner or freelancer, to have a clear brand identity for marketing, improve your rate of success so you stand out from the competition, as a solid foundation for sustainable growth. As covered in Jay's Business Impact Boosters mini-book series on Amazon, you have to stand out!

"It's really valuable having someone to talk things through with, working with a mentor to explore why and what you do, generates lots of 'aha' moments and helps you make important breakthroughs - that's enlightening and fun too!"

The benefits of our action-focused mentoring plans stem from having greater clarity, focus, sense of identity and direction, as well as an action plan for which you have some accountability, as we review together over 6 or 12 months using relevant and helpful metrics.

Just taking time 'out' of your business to reflect on what you want and where you're going, in both personal and financial aspects, can make the difference between standing still and taking action to break through current barriers to success and achieve your true potential, work satisfaction and goals in life more broadly.

Over time, you'll see this investment in yourself and your business pay off in all kinds of ways in your life, not only in your business success.

Complimentary mentoring session for new clients (30 minutes)
with Dr Jay Allyson Dempster

Our subscription mentoring plans can be flexible to suit your pace and needs for tangible improvement & growth.

Jay's Business Impact Booster programme combines mentoring with practical implementation, helping you work through your main priorities in a strategic manner. We work together to create a structured plan of action, undertaking actual development work within a project framework.

Contact us via the pop up form here with some details and to arrange an initial review to see how business mentoring could benefit you and your business/project.


Many small and medium sized businesses now have some kind of web presence and are actively finding new customers and building relationships with existing customers. If you don't already have a website, a simple blog updated each day or week will do a better job than a static 'designer' site.  

Getting your business listed on GooglePlaces (90% local business don't do or know how to do these things!) and optimising your pages so you get found by the search engines (called SEO) are crucial yet straight forward to establish.

Once you're set up and starting to rank for your target keywords, maintenance is important to ensure you are found and are giving value to your most desirable customers. You can integrate technologies like email and mobile marketing, through to advanced social media strategies, such as using LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter to support your direct response marketin
g. There are many analytical tools you can use to measure how your site is fairing. 

Using online media like article & video marketing, building a relationship with your target audience on the social networks, and building an email list of contacts, enables you to attract more business, retain more customers and to market multiple times to your subscribers and followers. Add in online shopping to give your customers easy ways to purchase from you.  

What we offer

30 Day Fast Track Marketing Blueprint Programme

The iSuccess Marketing Blueprint is a fast track programme aimed at getting you a fully designed, laser targeted marketing strategy off the ground. It's a process of working with you over 30 days (minimum, longer if you prefer, typically 60 or 90 days).

We review your specific business, clientele and website (if you have one) using the proprietary iSuccess Business Growth System 'wheel' to diagnose disconnects, help remove barriers and identify opportunities for improving client attraction and client conversion. We then design you a focused marketing process map, which you can implement right away or get our help to build with you, or do it for you.

What this programme isn't, is a magic button or silver bullet. But it will give you a very quick win from your marketing compared to struggling for months on your own. The pay offs are immense when you see how you'll leave your competition behind once your marketing starts generating clicks, contacts and clients for you.

Now open for new applications.

Click here to Register your interest and secure a complimentary blueprint.

What happens after you enrol onto the programme?

When you apply for the marketing blueprint, you do need to give us certain information we need to review your business, website and other marketing activity. We then do two things:

(1) we give you feedback and specific ways to improve its fitness-for-purpose; and

(2) we provide you with an exact design specification for a marketing campaign you can integrate into your website right away. (If you don't have a website, that's ok we can help you with that too.)

In essence, the blueprint is a process map for you to use to generate leads, automate your follow up and delight your prospects, such that they will move from subscriber to client through a clear, consistent engagement pipeline.

For some people, the iSuccess Marketing Blueprint actually becomes a complete business redesign! This is because your marketing should be designed to communicate what you do, how you do it and why you are an obvious choice for your clientele. So it's got to be clear and magnetic to get the message through and attract your target market.

Once you have your personalised business marketing blueprint, there are three options: 1, just take the campaign design and run with it - it's yours and I'm sure you will love it. Or option 2, you can take the design and work with me directly to implement it. Or option 3, take the design and have me (and my team) do all the work for you.

Here's the three options in more detail:

#1 - Design only - it's complimentary!

We take you through a series of questions to review your business and website and come out with a strategic marketing process map that you can use right away for improving how you attract and engage your potential clients/customers.

You get this marketing blueprint to implement when you're good and ready - we know you'll love it and want to get it up & running and working to generate new business for you asap!

Why is it free? Because we know, a high proportion of our blueprint design clients will want to keep working with us to implement the marketing campaign we design for them! If you want help with this, see options 2 and 3.

Just to reiterate how this works:

You apply for a no-obligation, personalised business review - option 1 here, where we ask you specific questions about your business, the type of business it is, the customers/clients you want, your income goals, current marketing (online and offline), strengths & weakness in terms of skills, time etc.  If you have other online marketing activities going on, we'll ask you about those too.

From this 'survey', I'll personally review your current setup, send you a feedback report and your marketing blueprint -  a process map you can use to structure, plan and implement a focused marketing campaign over whatever timescale you like. (It doesn't have to be 30 days, some people prefer to take things more slowly: 90 days is a typical timeframe.)

If you like what we've done and want help implementing it, we will offer you options 2 or 3 below.

#2 - Design & Done - With - You

We do the design as above and we help you implement each element of the blueprint as you go along so you get our direct support working closely with you every step of the process.

This means we help with the detailed strategy of aligning, targeting, positioning, branding, pricing and systematising in terms of pointing you in the right direction, and assist you with any niggles to ensure you don't get stuck and keep you on track.

£495 which can be spread as monthly payment over 3 months. 

This is for people who have existing marketing in place that they are refining or revising and who have good technical skills (or a web team). If not, see option 3.

#3 - Design & Done - For - You

We do the design and the development - i.e. after agreeing the blueprint process map, you can have us implement everything for you. This means I do all the above and my team do the building work, supervised directly by me.

£1795 which can be spread as monthly payments up to 6 months.


Do-It-Yourself guides

  • Free Google Guide - 6 Reasons Why Your Company Needs to Rank Page 1 on Google

    The benefits of higher ranking on the search engines through listings, content publishing & SEO are that the leads you get are free, targeted and convert much better, saving your time and money and gaining you loyal customers who come back & buy from you over and over.

  • Business Impact Boosters

    A series of mini-books by Dr Jay Allyson Dempster, available on the Kindle store & Amazon.

Done-For-You services

Website/blog design setup, social media implementation, video /article marketing, SEO, link building, email marketing. Rates vary depending on starting points and timescales, below are some typical starter packages.

Marketing design consultation
, including

- review business objectives and marketing/sales goals
- review of existing website, identifying strengths, weaknesses against the above
- recommend improvements to niche clarity, branding, keyword targeting
- recommend opportunities for (and costs of not) generating leads, engage visitors/customers
- produce a clear, systematic marketing funnel process map for your business

New website set up, including

keyword research, domain & hosting set up, site/blog & logo/header design
- content creating 3-5 pages, some initial blog posts
- product offer lead capture pages, contact form
- completed work in 30 days

£750 (excluding domain & hosting fees ~£20 a month)

Quick solutions

- Set up on Google Places/Directory listings: £50
Lead capture system & email marketing/newsletter setup: £100
- Custom Facebook Business/fan page, twitter, YouTube channel set up: £100
Video marketing: 2 videos (info/about us and product offer): £100
- Article marketing/blog posts: 20 articles (5 articles submitted to 4 top article directories), optimised for your keywords: £100
0800 number & answer service set up: £50 (plus monthly fee & call charges)
- Press release to relaunch your website/offer (submitted to 3 free & 1 paid PR site): £50


Free guide - Triple Your Business Income With Effective Online Marketing 
6 Reasons Why Your Company Needs to Rank Page 1 on Google

A simple practical guide to establishing a web presence and making it work.

This is the first mini-book in the Business Impact Booster series, available from Amazon, free in the Kindle lending library or can be purchased for a small fee.


  • Free website SEO analysis


If you have an existing business website and are looking to increase your visibility & rankings on the search engines, let's take a look at your site in terms of where you are in local GooglePlaces and in Search page results.

Click here to complete the form for a free analysis of your site

or call us on 0845 860 0065.

"The month after establishing a web presence and using the marketing package for my business, we had more phone enquiries, more walk-ins and more new customers."

Free THRIVE survey


A self-evaluation tool to help local business owners examine what's working well and not so well in terms of where current revenue are coming from, and asking some critical questions around motivation to consider new options to improve and thrive.

Click here to download

"Just taking time to reflect on the current and desired state of your business, in both personal and financial aspects, can make the difference between standing still and taking action to grow your income."

"There were just so many opportunities staring us in the face that we never would have considered without this kind of one-to-one business support."

Free Business Health Check Review

A face-to-face or skype session (usually 60-90 minutes) offered to small businesses.

Together, we review all aspects of your business strategy, operations and considers priorities for improving key processes, cash flow & performance.

Download our information sheets

Contact Jay directly to schedule an appointment.




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