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Our range of courses, workshops and programmes are aimed at professionals looking to improve their skills and capabilities in education, communication and business.

Dr Jay Allyson Dempster is an inspiring & engaging teacher, mentor & facilitator in the fields of business strategy, marketing and digital technologies in education, enterprise and entrepreneurship.
Jay is the Accredited Training Manager for
ibd Business Advice Group Ltd, an approved delivery centre/tutor for IOEE Academy courses leading SFEDI Award qualifications.

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Business growth for service professionals

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Focus on business improvement & transformation

Clients are at all kinds of stages of their career or business journey. Some are looking to start up or have recently started a business (whether a brick-and-mortar or home-based business), others are struggling to make the income they would like, which can be due to all kinds of blockages, emotional, skills, physical and/or logistical.

Our Business Evaluation packages are intended to be fit-for-purpose for your stage of business development and business growth and how you like to work with a consultant /mentor. We assist you to identify:

  1. What are the current challenges/problems you are facing?

  2. Where are you aiming to get to and achieve?

  3. What are the main barriers to growth, what's holding you back?

  4. What are the 'quick wins' and possible longer term solutions?

An initial free Business Diagnostic Check will take you through some structured questions to explore where you are right now (A), where you want to get (B), what are the main drivers, needs & obstacles for you at the current time. From this vantage point, we can agree on C and D and support you in the priority areas to get you from A to B.

Our Business Evaluation packages combine diagnostic support with mentoring - see monthly plans below - because it's important to commit to the right level of time and investment to help you achieve your business objectives. Because each is tailored in scale & scope to your specific needs, programmes vary from one-off sessions to total support packages over 6 or 12 months.

It's designed to help whatever stage of starting or running a business you're at, either by analysing your business ideas, helping you gain momentum in attracting your perfect clients/customers, or growing and scaling if you're already running a business.

Business Impact Booster Programme is Jay's most popular programme for new or existing business owners, integrating the business diagnostic & mentoring of our proprietary iSuccess Business GrowthSystem with practical implementation of solutions identified as a defined project, moving you into our VIP Business Development Programme.

Transformation is hard to do alone. Business improvements at this level benefit from having expert input that is focused, structured and insightful, highlighting aspects of your strategy and operations that may require a shift  in thinking or approach. When you work with us, you know that you & your team are supported from initiation to realisation, so you can set sail in the best possible right direction.

Business Mentoring & Professional Coaching

Whether you're looking for facilitative coaching or expert mentoring, our individual and small group programmes are tailored to your specific needs, be it corporate, executive, business, career and/or personal development aspects of success.

Please refer to our Mentoring Plans sheet for pricing, pros & cons of each level, or use the pop up contact form to book a no obligation 'discovery' call to explore which support services could work best for what you need for yourself and your business right now. 

An initial exploratory discussion with Jay is the best way to determine the right areas to focus on, in line with your goals and priorities, because we are all individuals. 

"Factors affecting your career and business success can be as diverse as the people I help, so at Belanda Consulting we don't have a cookie cutter set of services, we'll look at things from all angles: mindset, marketing and money and focus on those areas that will have the greatest impact on your personal, professional and business performance.

Our executive 'VIP' clients are looking to further their careers or grow a successful business, and understand the competitive advantage that a structured, objective review can achieve in terms of moving them to the next level in their personal aspirations and direction for their bigger vision of success.

See also Business & Marketing section to explore
mentoring as part of your business solution.

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Focus on business growth

VIP one day intensive workshop

How to Win Clients by Creating Clear, Magnetic & Irresistible Offers

This is a one-day 'VIP' intensive workshop for service based business (including retailers who offer or want to offer added-value services)

Details & booking at

Early bird ticket saving available.

It's a full day working directly with me in a small group setting (limited to 10 places) and we really go you through in depth the #1 'problem' people have growing their business, how to turn this around to a solution that is totally tailored for your unique value as an expert consultant/coach/mentor. We go through several 'get-it-done' exercises with lots of guidance, so you can come out with clarity and a solid plan to capture your magnetic message and package your irresistible offer. Download the flyer for full details

iSuccess - Insightful Marketing for Strategic Entrepreneurs

Starting in 2016...

Clarify & strengthen your brand, leverage your time & grow your income

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Business Intensive Growth Programme

Combines business coaching & mentoring with business development & implementation.

Do you qualify for government assistance to cover this exciting 6 day onsite business support?

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One day workshops

Professional development workshops are tailored to needs of your group. The following are indicative of the focus and range of topics we have run previously for a variety of public and private sector clients.

Step Up into Business

§  Identifying your purposeful 'calling' in careers and business

§  Setting up your own 'expert' service based business

§  Producing & implementing a business plan for new start ups

§  Developing a cash flow forecast for a new start up

§  Accessing finance for business start ups, innovation & growth

Get Ahead in Business

§  Aligning professional identities, brand positioning and marketing

§  Niche branding & marketing to attract and satisfy your customers

§  Developing professional consulting /prospecting skills

§  Growing leadership for success and succession planning

§  Building business & social enterprise partnerships


Digital Transformation

§  Developing people's digital literacy

§  Being strategic about e-learning

§  Linking research with learning & development

§  Integrating media resources into course design

§  Creating & maintaining online communities of practice

§  Designing online activities for learning / business engagement

§  Principles of using social media to promote a business, product or service

Evaluating Impact

§  Evaluating the benefits & impact of innovation

§  Developing logic models for measuring outcomes, benefits & impact


In a former role at the University of Warwick, as Head of Educational Development & E-Learning, Jay produced a series of guides for using technology in teaching, learning & assessment. These are freely available on the Warwick Learning & Development Centre website:

Click here for Jay's e-learning guides



Our 'masterclass' workshops, resources, facilitated activities & coaching stem from experience managing curriculum innovation projects and running staff development programmes.

The follow topics are illustrative:

  • Growing your service business - Sessions are based around Jay's comprehensive 'signature' programme, iSuccess - Insightful Marketing for Strategic Entrepreneurs. We focus on three key aspects of success in business: mindset, marketing and money. Masterclasses takes you through a diagnostic, transformative process analysing your business and identifying tangible solutions in relation to 7 potential levers for success in starting and growing a purposeful, profitable & scalable business.
  • E-Learning - from half day to 2 day introductory sessions for up to 20 participants, pedagogical models for e-learning,  needs analysis & review of technologies, project planning, evaluating e-learning developments, computer assisted assessment, writing for the web, online tutoring/e-moderation.
  • Preparation for teaching & assessing - 1/2 to 2 day workshops for up to 25 participants such as new lecturers, postgraduates who teach, covering topics such as small group teaching, lecturing, curriculum design and assessment strategies, managing educational development projects, linking research and teaching, introduction to e-learning.
  • Course (re)design - an intensive two day programme involving face-to-face delivery and online support to develop new teaching, learning & assessment methods, design for new markets and/or implement digital media and online interactivity.
  • Personal effectiveness - one day sessions for up to 12 participants on managing projects, leading effective teams, assertiveness, career development for researchers. We also offer one hour 'strategy' sessions for individual entrepreneurs starting a traditional or network distribution business.
  • Science communication - a stand alone 20 hour module for up to 30 UG or PG students, includes portrayal of science in traditional and contemporary media/informal learning, ethical & cultural trends, science in society, as well as practising writing and verbal techniques.
  • Internet marketing - business branding, social media strategies and search engine optimisation. Support in personal branding and leadership for network marketers, affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs.
  • Blogging as a PR activity - setting up Wordpress sites and using plug-ins and keyword research to optimise your pages for the search engines; includes elements around what to write, keeping a reflective journal, giving value to others, in relation to a clear audience, purpose and occasion strategy.

What's Jay's mentoring clients say:

“Jay is more than just a leader, more than just a coach: she is a friend. When I first considered working with her, I knew nothing about internet marketing and home-based businesses, and I was completely unaware of what the business could do for me. Other than teaching me everything I need to know and following me step by step, she has assisted me all along and it is greatly to her credit that my life is finally taking a new, better turn.”  Ilaria, Italy.


internet business successI know Jay for a while now and I can say from the heart that the value Jay is given me in her one-to-one coaching and team trainings is the most useful I ever got in any other businesses. Sometimes I get stuck within my business and when I explain this to her, she is able to get me “unstuck”. There is always something I learned in the team trainings. She now also incorporated “homework” in her weekly webinars, where she creates actions from what she has taught on her training.” Rob, The Netherlands.


elena diachenkoI was fortunate enough to work with Jay for the last few months. Her approach is different than anybody else’s. She simplifies the way I used to run my business and helped me to build more confidence in my phone skills. She is really committed to the success of her students and she is always there for me. I’ve never seen anyone giving as much support as Jay does. 

Jay has an incredible ability to pass her drive, motivation and passion to her students on her team trainings. If someone would asked me to recommend mentor or coach in the home business, Jay will be the first on the list.

Thank you Jay. I’m really grateful for everything you’ve done for me and for your guidance. Hug xx   Elena, UK.



internet business success

I must say this is the first time I am 100% happy to give a testimonial to anyone online. Jay is simply the best online mentor and success coach around, period. She is very helpful and authentic in all she does, always ready to give guidance and support. Jay really helped me to get my online business up and running. We work very close together.

For anyone looking for a real coach to mentor them to success, I definitely recommend Jay – she is a serious Entrepreneur with other people’s interest at heart, she will genuinely help you grow your business to its highest level, like she did for mine. Thanks a million Jay!  Grace, UK


Have just read through all the info you sent through, absolutely fantastic, you really know your stuff and that comes across loud and clear on your site. Your guidance are great and just what a new starter needs, excellent. Thank you so much for your support. Beverley, UK


internet business successI would just like to thank you for the fantastic support and motivation that you have given me over the last 3 months. I had a real problem with my mindset and being able to focus on setting up my business in the beginning. I am happy to say, I am learning to overcome this, thanks to you and the educational platform provided.

Jay, you have helped me overcome my initial fear, and confusion, which is really a lack of faith in myself, by showing me how to make things simple, and easy when you know how. I’m happy now, and pleased to say that I have started my journey this time on the right path, and looking forward to seeing myself and my business grow and develop professionally. Melanie, UK


internet business success

Thank you Jay!


I can’t express how much I appreciate your willingness to help me at all times. I wouldn’t be this far without you.

Thank you!  Peter, South Africa


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