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Client Experience

Our clients' experience working with us is paramount. We are committed to building a strong relationship and deep understanding of what matters most to our clients. In a fast and rapidly evolving environment, you need strategic knowledge as well as practical operational support.

Real work on the ground with organisations of all types, sizes & cultures fuels our growing knowledge, insights & expertise across the increasingly cross-cutting sectors that we serve, the sharing of which is at the heart of our mission to give value through our advisory, speaking & training activities.
Formal testimonials from organisational clients are provided in the Strategy & Evaluation section of the website under each project.

For individuals, Jay has personally mentored hundreds of people at various stages & aspects of their life, career & business.
While individual clients are not generally approached for feedback formally, a sample of unsolicitated
testimonials from mentoring clients is offered for illustration.

Our approach to ensuring quality for the Belanda Consulting brand is driven by what clients say about the work... "insightful, accessible, authentic, pragmatic and results-driven".

Organisations using our services include:

RSM UK Consulting & Risk Assurance internal audit assignments on operational improvement, curriculum planning and value for money

Action For Employment (A4E) business support for the governement's New Enterprise Allowance (NEA) scheme.

Marketing Birmingham business support for the ERDF & locally funded SME Fast Track implemention programme.

HEFCE (Higher Education Funding Council for England):  A review of HEFCE's UK wide Open Educational Resources (OER) initiatives, including all phase of the UKOER programme
(jointly funded by the HE Academy & the JISC) and the Open University's SCORE project. Undertaken with Glasgow Caledonian Academy.
Jisc:  Evaluation & institutional projects support for Developing Digital Literacies programme, Business & Communitiy Engagement programme (including online collaborative tools and staff skills projects)

Association for Learning Technology (ALT, UK): Accreditation Certification Manager, Workshop delivery, Publications & Conference support.

Institute of Ismaili Studies, London: Design & development of an evaluation system and quality & enhancement unit for cross-departmental and partner programme support.

University of Greenwich: Evaluation consultancy for Students in HE Transition digital literacy project, including New Arrivals survey analysis and developing a 'Viewpoints' staff development resource.

University of Leicester: Case study publication on institutional use & impact of e-readers for the Jisc-funded DUCKLING project, Beyond Distance Research Alliance.

Oxford Brookes University: OCSLD consultant; External evaluator for Course Design Intensives & Participative Process Reviews

University of Hertfordshire: External evaluator for HEFCE-funded CABLE Transfer change management project

The Steel Construction Institute (SCI): Consultancy; External evaluator for EQUESTA: Leonardo da Vinci EU project

Institution for Structural Engineers: Consultancy, Curriculum Design/Reusable Resources Workshop

University of Cumbria: Consultancy for Cumbria Higher Learning Strand 4 projects on evaluation & internet marketing.

Loughborough University: External evaluator for Jisc-funded ExPOUND mathematics learning project

Newcastle University : Design/delivery of accredited M-level course for lecturers and postgraduates who teach

University of Warwick: Course leader for Science Communication undergraduate final year module, School of Life Sciences

Hartpury College: Designing Online Learning Activities workshops

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