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Belanda Consulting was established in 2007 by Dr Jacqueline Allyson Dempster ('Jay') who has over 25 years' experience in supporting education, innovation & business working with individuals, teams, national agencies and SMEs, and specialising in strategic review, professional skills, digital literacy, entrepreneurship, communications & marketing.

Working with Jay is a network of associates & partners who offer client-focused consultancy and bespoke services that benefit from our understanding of public and private sector innovation, development and impact needs.

With this unique mix of insights and expertise, Belanda Consulting is well placed to offer our clients a unique blend of 'big picture' strategic review and practical implementation support to help you achieve your desired objectives.

Working with the network of professionals, including members of the ibd Business Advice Group, Association of Business Mentors & IOEE, partnering with Jay & colleagues assures you of professional & accredited business support.

We provide consultancy, training & mentoring to individuals, groups & organisations to develop focused, integrated strategies for business start ups, niche targeting, branding & positioning, business & financial planning, education & staff development, marketing & web/media design for growth & impact.

We work through framework agreements with Marketing Birmingham, Business Enterprise Support (BES) and Growth Accelerator. As experts, we are also experienced presenters & facilitators. Our associates are regularly called on for speaking engagements, as well as our training & mentoring services.


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Jay is well known for her professionalism & strategic insights and her innate ability to inspire & transfer practice to others and bring about transformational change. She works with organisations to help them synergise, systematise & streamline business operations, looking across culture & structures, people & processes, communication & inter-working.

Jay has many years experience in building, running & marketing small businesses
within a number of industries, from professional services to
retail, from food to fabric, from direct sales to online marketing, in fields as diverse as wellness to wealth management.

As well as combining consultancy with training & mentoring, this experience of working across diverse business sectors means working with Jay yields highly focused & perceptive insights across both the heart and head of a business operation.

Professional CV for Jay Allyson Dempster

includes academic publications, projects & evaluations

Working with individuals, Jay has mentored hundreds of people at various stages & aspects of their life, career & business: from students to entrepreneurs, from local business owners to network marketers, from university professionals to SME owners/managers. In Jay's own words:

"To make good decisions, we often need to return to our personal passions & interests, as a booster that inspires, reignites and drives us forward towards our goals. Of course, businesses I work with also want to make money, have better cash flow etc, but rather than just focusing on income & profits (or lack of), or on sales & ROI, sometimes success comes from returning your 'core purpose' so you can get clearer on your brand, your audience & really laser target your offer."

"Coupling this with developing the right mindset, marketing strategy & business model gives us incredible motivation, power & leverage to thrive (not just survive), which makes ALL the difference to your chance of success."

"The natural next step is to work with a mentor/coach on a regular one-to-one basis to enhance your personal and business performance. It's important to get that personal 'inner guide' talking more intuitively, as well as your business back in good operational health. The result is a far clearer marketing message to an ideal target audience and greater sense of purpose and profits for you!"


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For a discussion of your needs please leave Jay a message directly by:
0845 860 0065 (local call rate) or email:



jay allyson dempster ibd business advice group member       fellow of the higher education academy FHEAcertified member of the association for learning technology        business mentor with the institute of enterprise and entrepreneurs MIoEE




Gaynor Gosling

Specialising in operational and change management within complex structural and customer environments; people development, performance review, process review, recruitment, supply chain.

Helen Beetham

Specialising in e-learning in higher education, expertise in curriculum design & delivery, pedagogy & learner experiences, digital literacies, evaluation.

Marie Garnett

Specialising in research development, expertise includes professional accreditation, evaluation, curriculum design, stakeholder management.

Bob Thomson

Specialising in personal and management development, expertise includes personal effectiveness, coaching & mentoring, leadership skills.

Mark Childs

Specialising in e-learning, e-communications, e-collaborations, telematics, expertise in games-based learning, digital repositories, remote teamworking.

Steve Dibnah

Specialising in economic development, inward investment & regeneration for business & government, 20+ years experience in the field working in the UK and the rest of Europe.

Jack Land

Specialising in business to business marketing, web design, expertise in helping local businesses to improve their brand awareness, online presence, search engine optimisation & relationship management.

Daryl Beckford

Specialising in data analysis, expertise in literature review, interviewing & focus group facilitation.

Victoria Dalrymple  

Specialising in translation and transcription.






Belanda Consulting works in collaboration with a number of other independent consultants & companies to create high quality proposals where joint expertise and contextual knowledge can benefit our clients. If you are seeking a partner with complementary skills to contribute to a project or tender, we would be delighted to discuss a collaboration.

  • ibd Business Advice Group Ltd is a network of associate members who help business owners with practical review, specialist advice & support. Jay joined ibd as an Accredited Adviser in December 2013 and in December 2014 was invited to be ibd's Training Manager.
  • Jisc is the UK's expert on digital technologies for education and research. Belanda Consulting has contributed evaluation services & support to a wide range of institutional projects for large-scale development programmes, including Curriculum Design & Delivery, Business & Community Engagement, and Digital Literacies.

  • Viva IT develop bespoke software solutions for organisations to improve their efficiency and save their staff time. The team are passionate about helping businesses to keep up with the technology curve in order to grow and reach their potential.

  • Transmit Loans are a delivery partner for the government's Start Up Loan scheme. Applicants can register interest in the first instance, specifying a named business adviser in the final question. Please add Jay Allyson Dempster if you want to ensure you're linked up for support from us.

  • Oxford Centre for Staff and Learning Development (OCSLD) is one of the UK’s largest and most established providers of staff and educational development for further & higher education.

  • SD Consulting. Independent expert adviser in economic development and regeneration to business and government.

  • Consulting Inplace. Consulting Inplace is a national economic and social policy consultancy with expertise in communities, economies, skills and enterprise. Originally established as part of West Midlands Enterprise Limited (WM Enterprise), the company now employs 22 consultants working for a wide range of clients across the UK in the public, voluntary and private sectors.

  • FGS McClure Waters Management Consultancy division. FGS is Ireland’s largest indigenous financial advisory firm. FGS has recently joined RSM International, the worldwide audit, tax and consulting network of independent firms, extending their global reach and technical capabilities for clients.

  • Strategic Consult & C. An independent provider of social research and consultation services to the Public and Voluntary sectors, founded by Charlotte Pearson. Supports organisations to develop strategies, carry out social research or engage in consultation and participation activities.



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